Make right decisions for your business based on important website statistics

Bring your business to the next level with historical & real time data.

An extensive collection of historical and real time statistics data will help you answer the toughest questions about retention, growth, and engagement. See what your visitors like and dislike, where they spend their money and how you can make them spend even more.


Real time visitor data

The Live! widget shows you the real time flow of visits to your website and a real time counter of visits and page views.

Compare data

Compare evolution data of weeks, months or even years to see your website’s progress in one easy to understand graph.

Set goals

Goal conversion tracking is one of the most efficient ways to measure and improve your business objectives.

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Get a modern business website Рfrom the complete installation and configuration to a full security set-up.


I offer a maintenance package so your WordPress website is protected, backed up and always optimised.



Let me create your newsletter and a strategy to build up a subscriber list for a successful campaign!

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